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New article in Duiken Magazine (Diving, Photography, Published)

Cor has written another article for Duiken Magazine, this time about searching for macro critters. We have become quite adept at finding small macro life, which came in handy on our latest trip to Komodo where we found lots of undescribed species. The article shows some simple guidelines you can follow to improve your chances of finding small macro life.

You can read the article on our articles page.

Back from Komodo (Diving, Photography)

We’ve returned from our trip to Komodo. It was by far the best trip Julie and I ever did. Not only did we have great people on board, including Eric Cheng, Norbert Wu and Andy Sallmon, we also got to see many critters we’ve never seen before. Horseshoe Bay is now our most favorite dive site.

Not only did we see cool stuff underwater, we also saw a Komodo Dragon in the wild. As it entered the beach we were anchored at we rushed to shore and took some photo’s. The dragon was quite nervous but let us get really close.

komodo dragon

The Kararu explorer was a nice boat, even though it seems to lack a bit in maintenance. We had a lot of equipment failures, which was quite annoying. But the amazing wildlife makes up for it, so we’ll go back anytime.

Raja Ampat trip great, but… (Diving, Photography)


Julie and I joined Fathoms on a trip from Raja Ampat, through the Banda Sea, to Flores. On paper this trip sounded really nice, and mostly it was very nice diving. What we had not realised was the amount of steaming we had to do, which greatly reduced our number of possible dives. We had 3 full days of steaming, and many 10+ hour voyages.

Not only was there a lot of moving, the boat also had a lot of trouble. On day three the nitrox failed because the main generator died. So now we’re not only limited in the number of dives, but also in bottom time. Since a lot of the dives are done in the 50-80 feet range, this really impacted our diving.

Visiting the Banda Islands was quite nice though, and so was snake island, an island that is home to thousands of sea snakes.

Diving in the Solomon Islands (Diving, Photography)

We’re joining Eric Cheng on one of his expeditions to the Solomon Islands. Because we like the Bilikiki so much we’ve decided to add two trips to that, one before and one after Eric’s trip, for a total of four weeks of diving.

Read more about Eric’s trip on the Wetpixel expedition page.

Tiger Sharks with Eric Cheng (Diving, Photography)

In july 2007 we’re going on a trip with Eric Cheng to the Bahamas. This trip will features Tiger Sharks and Dolphins, two animals that Julie and I have not seen before underwater. We’re really looking forward to it.

For more information check out the wetpixel expeditions page.