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Geocache Hike (Geocaching)

We’re back in St Croix and noticed there are at least 10 new geocaches this year. For those that don’t know, a geocache is sort of a treasure hunt using a GPS. You get a GPS location and get there any way you can to find the treasure. Then you take something from the treasure box, and leave something of your own. It’s great fun.

One of the new geocaches is not that far from the house we rent. Or at least, not when measured in a direct line. Walking it is quite a different matter, as it includes two very steep hills that are pretty difficult to walk in the full sun. But we decided to do it anyways, and had a very nice afternoon. It took us three hours to complete the hike, find the cache, and walk back, but it was well worth it as the views during this hike are spectacular. Now on to the next cache!

  • Start of the hike, near the top of Belvedere, North Shore in St Croix.
  • I'm sure we look very suspicious.
  • Nice views from Belvedere towards the west.
  • The beach at Cane Bay
  • Small piece of rainforest near The Beast.
  • Looking east from The Beast, with Cane Bay barely visible in the distance.
  • The bottom of The Beast, a pretty steep and long hike.
  • Someone drew a nice dragon on the road.
  • Thanks for telling me.
  • Some of the corners are so sharp you need a mirror to see oncoming traffic.
  • Very close to the geocache
  • Found it!
  • Obligatory picture at the geocache location.
  • View towards the east from the geocache.
  • View south after continuing our hike on the scenic road.

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